Join the fun when the band plays the opening theme, a riverboat whistle is heard in the distance and the first glimpse of the Mississippi Melodie Showboat is seen around the river’s bend. Visitors are magically carried back a hundred years in time to relive the gaiety and excitement of the Showboat era on the Mighty Mississippi. With banners flying, paddle wheel churning and whistle blowing, the majestic Mississippi Melodie Showboat and her cast have been enchanting crowds in Grand Rapids for 50 years.

Mississippi Melodie provides a unique entertainment experience for the audience. Audiences sit in comfortable stadium seating in an outdoor amphitheater and are entertained by a revival of the music, dance and humor of the earlier showboat era. The captain brings Mississippi Melodie to the dock, which then becomes the stage. The length of the show is from 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Each year an entirely new show is written and different performers are featured. Featured are solo singers, specialty numbers and a talented chorus of singers and dancers. Audiences can also look forward to the featured melodrama skit. The Mississippi Timber Cloggers and the Applechords barbershop quartet also appear each year as part of the performance.

This vaudeville variety show is produced on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi River in Grand Rapids the last three weekends of July. This is one event you will make an annual tradition! For more information call (866)336-3426 or visit